Workplace Health & Safety

TMLabs Workplace Health and Safety Localisation is a Built-with-ServiceNow Offering that enables organisations to effortlessly manage health and safety incidents by aligning the end-to-end incident management process with regional health and safety procedures based on where an incident has occurred.

Our solution provides location-specific guidance to end users and agents when raising and triaging incidents, including functionality for reporting incidents to the appropriate regulatory bodies. ​The TMLabs Workplace Health & Safety Localisation application also enables proactive identification and management of psychosocial hazards through wellbeing surveys, to improve organisational health and well-being. ​

Workplace Health & Safety Localisation is now a Built with ServiceNow Offering, click this link to find out more.

Region Based Incident Management:

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Improve compliance with regional regulations by managing health and safety incidents through location-driven workflows.

Agent and End-User Guidance:

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Empower end users and guide agents with location specific health and safety knowledge articles and links when raising and triaging incidents.

SLAs for High Priority Incidents:

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Automatically identify notifiable incidents and apply SLAs and alerts to agents to ensure timely management and reporting.

Notifiable Incident Reporting

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Easily create and send Incident PDFs for notifiable incidents to regulatory bodies using information collected on the incident form.

Regional Reporting:

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Improve insight into Health and Safety incidents and identify organisational trends that could impact regulatory compliance.

Proactive Management of Psychosocial Hazards:

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Collect survey data from employees to enable a more proactive approach to managing psychosocial hazards and incidents with dashboards and reports to identify issues/hazards.

capability lead

Amanda Yeates

Amanda brings more than 7 years of expertise in the ServiceNow industry, specialising in ServiceNow Healthcare and Workplace Health & Safety. She is deeply committed to innovation, helping clients leverage technology to align with their business strategies in the short and long term.


Amanda’s work emphasises her passion as she continuously strives to utilise ServiceNow to extend far beyond technology, embodying a commitment to enriching lives by prioritising health, safety, and overall well-being; shaping a future where individuals can thrive in safer and healthier environments.

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