TMLabs ServiceNow LexisNexis® Integration Application – Release 2.0

TMLabs ServiceNow LexisNexis® Integration Application – Release 2.0

Application Overview

About LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance

LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance is a market leading content provider for ServiceNow®’s Policy and Compliance application within the IRM Suite.

Business Issues Without ServiceNow LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance Integration

  • Customers licensed with both LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance and ServiceNow® IRM may not realise maximum ROI unless both products are integrated.
  • Currently implementing an integration is a custom solution each time, proving costly and difficult to implement and maintain. In the worst case it’s a manual import which is highly inefficient.
  • Non-standard integration solutions can lead to varying degrees of success, including incorrect content/data mappings.
  • Bespoke integration solutions might not utilise OOTB ServiceNow® application architecture reducing its effectiveness in the long run.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Purpose built integration to import content anytime with the ease of a single click.
  • Close collaboration with ServiceNow and LexisNexis® for a robust enterprise solution.
  • Manage all IRM related content in one place – no customisation required.
  • Ensure compliance with external regulations with Regulatory Change Management integration.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance. Compatible with all Standard and Enhanced LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance content.
  • Encryption of client keys and secure communications with LexisNexis®.

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