Smart Operations in Financial Services

Smart Operations in Financial Services


Large Financial Services firm that provides superannuation and investment products, financial advice and banking products.

Business Issues

  • Capture current service taxonomy and define relationships for critical business services.
  • Ability to design a pipeline of services and publish onto a Service Catalog.
  • Prevent unnecessary service duplication and overlap.
  • Improve CMDB Health for for ITSM, GRC, and Security Operations.


  • Migration of existing CMDB to ServiceNow’s Common Services Data Model (CSDM).
  • Establish standard taxonomy to reflect enterprise service strategy.
  • Discovery and Service Mapping to capture real time technology assets.
  • Automate CMDB update process.
  • Enhance UX for CMDB users.

100% Alignment of data model to CSDM

1 System of interaction with Tax and Treasury teams

45K CI relationships automatically populated

80% Improvement in accuracy of CI attribute data

14X Additional software packages inventoried

Increased usage of CMDB data for RCA