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TMLabs has a dedicated IT Asset Management capability that can provide a comprehensive framework for managing the lifecycle of IT assets in an organisation. ServiceNow’s SAM and HAM applications can centralise the tracking of assets, from procurement to disposal, ensuring optimised utilisation and cost-effectiveness. This system facilitates compliance with licensing and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties. Additionally, ITAM identifies risks associated with IT assets and offers mitigation strategies. It incorporates powerful analytics for informed decision-making and streamlines asset management by integrating with other ServiceNow modules. This results in enhanced efficiency through automation, making ITAM a vital tool for managing IT infrastructure effectively.

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Comprehensive Asset Tracking:

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ServiceNow’s ITAM portfolio provides a unified platform for tracking and managing all IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, ensuring visibility and control.

License Compliance & Optimisation:

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SAM and HAM ensures organisations stay compliant with licensing agreements and avoid unnecessary expenditures through automated license management and optimisation.


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Manage patient consent more effectively by removing paper forms. Avoid duplicating consent requests by enabling cross-team information sharing with the right teams.

Integration with IT Ecosystem:

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SAM and HAM seamlessly integrates with other ServiceNow applications for a holistic approach to IT services, improving operational efficiency and asset utilisation.

capability leadS

Aaron Clancy & Karthik Ramaswamy

Aaron and Karthik have a combined 30+ years experience in the industry, with a strong focus on ServiceNow ITAM consulting. They are passionate about helping clients unlock the full capability of their ServiceNow investment while helping them strengthen the full lifecycle management of assets and resources cross the estate.

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