IT Service Management & Integrations in Property Management

IT Service Management & Integrations in Property Management


Large multinational construction, property and infrastructure company

Business Issues

  • Low self service rates due to Service Catalog not being easy to consume.
  • High volume of requests via phone/email.
  • Lack of responses to Surveys resulting in user experience not being measured. 
  • Minimal indicators of the quality of services being provided by IT.
  • Survey Reporting not providing actionable Information.

Business Issues

  • Redesigned Portal experience creating delight for users.
  • Intuitive Catalog reducing reliance on phone/email channel.
  • Implemented Net Promoter Score Survey, collecting valuable data for strategic decisions.
  • Developed powerful survey metrics and reports for detailed response analysis.

Increased user adoption for service offerings

50%* Increase in actionable Survey Responses

100%* Increase in available user experience data

Better visibility of the quality of services

*projected metric

“TMLabs provides quality services, predictably but with maintained flexibility and full transparency. I believe they are priced along with the rest of the market but deliver with higher levels of professional management.”

Service Improvement Manager