Architecture-led Risk Solution in Credit Reporting

Architecture-led Risk Solution in Credit Reporting


Integrated Risk Management in Financial Services Success Story

Business Challenge

  • Shared Services digital transformation to replace legacy, generic Salesforce solution.
  • Siloed custom ServiceNow applications, lacking UX and employee engagement.
  • Lacking strategic solution for operational risk management.
  • Cost and time pressures needed to partner with the right expertise.

What we did

  • Provide certified, experienced ServiceNow consultants including Certified Master Architect oversight.
  • Custom ServiceNow applications back to OOTB.
  • CSM rapidly deployed for high-value use cases, removing the reliance on Salesforce.
  • Data migration and instance hardening.
  • Worked closely with ServiceNow account team at all stages.
  • Implemented GRC with a focus on operational risk management and breach disclosure.
  • Data migration of historic risk events.


  • 25% reduction in emails.
  • 40% reduction in time on phone calls.
  • 25% faster case handling time.
  • Repeatable process to onboard additional CSM use cases.
  • Risk mitigation and Compliance with data breach disclosure as per Australian Privacy Act.


  • Iterative design and delivery approach.
  • Advisory and architecture led design phase to pull together multiple department level requirements.
  • Fit for purpose risk solution based on knowledge of regional regulatory and compliance frameworks.