Customer Service Management in Telecom

Customer Service Management in Telecom


Large wireless telecommunications provider in Australia.

Business Issues

  • Low self service rates for customers and service providers.
  • High volume of requests via phone/email.
  • Lacking UX and employee engagement.
  • Manual processes and legacy tools.


  • Certified, experienced ServiceNow consultants including Master Architect oversight.
  • Custom ServiceNow apps back to OOTB.
  • Intelligent Software Defined Network (SDN) portal for customers to visualise and manage network services on demand.
  • Self-Care portal for Wholesale Service Providers for self service assurance and Test & Diagnostics.
  • Integrated with NBN Co APIs to deliver self service, test and diagnostics, and appointment management

50% Improvement in MTTR

50% Reduction in YoY call volumes

40% Reduction in time on phone calls

0-touch. Self care services for customers

Increased staff engagement across service teams

Massive reduction in customer complaints