Australia Post Digital iD™ Integration Framework for ServiceNow

Australia Post Digital iD™ Integration Framework for ServiceNow


Business Need

ServiceNow customers have a range of business needs that could be addressed by a robust digital identity solution:

  • Being sure that an entity being transacted with is legitimate
  • Having visibility and/or control over how personal information is used
  • Verifying the identity of an individual transacting an entity
  • Providing the right service to the right person
  • Traditional identity verification is often manual, prone to long lead times, and risks privacy breaches

Australia Post DigitaliD™ helps make identity verification simple and secure for everyone, online and in person.

Integrating your Now Platform application with Australia Post Digital ID™ will ensure your organisation does not become a statistic in the rapidly evolving world of identity verification where 35% of all fraud crimes are related to customer fraud, financial losses due to identity fraud have increased 15% in the last year, and businesses have been fined a total of $8.14 billion dollars for AML breaches.

  • Communication between stakeholders due to language barriers can cause significant impacts.
  • Differences in intricacies and nuances in languages can often hinder customer interpretation and experience.
  • Many language translation services lack the accuracy and translation quality that’s required to take into account regional nuances within close geographic areas.
  • Building a custom integration to a provider like DeepL® would cost an organisation valuable time and money.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Simplified Secure Integration Framework: With one of Australia’s most reliable digital ID verification services.
  • Improve Conversion: Make it easy for your B2C customers to prove who they are with a seamless customer experience, and the option to verify using the the Australia Post Digital iD™ mobile app.
  • Enhanced Security: Help to avoid data breaches using Digital iD™’s advanced encryption technology to manage sensitive personal information.
  • Trusted Reputation: Leverage Australia Post’s brand trusted for conducting identity services.

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