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TMLabs Releases AI-Driven Feedback Intelligence Application for ServiceNow

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ServiceNow customer surveys can be valuable tools to understand customer satisfaction, sentiment and service quality if there is complete and accurate feedback. However, the following issues remind us why it’s a challenge to get maximum value from surveys:

  • 15% is the average customer survey response rate¹
  • 50% or higher survey response rate should be considered excellent in most circumstances²
  • 30% – 40% response rate is required for an effective NPS campaign³
  • Metrics with incomplete survey data can lead to:
    • Incorrect inferences
    • Generalisations
    • Sampling bias
    • Lower than expected survey scores
  • Cases that drive these surveys often contain valuable feedback data that isn’t yet natively used for assessing service outcomes.


Introducing Feedback Intelligence: Seamless survey response augmentation using machine learning. Available now as a free download from the ServiceNow Store.

Key Features/Benefits:

  •  Uses Google Analytics Machine Learning to calculate sentiment scores in real time using Case comment data.
  • All calculated scores are mapped to the ServiceNow configured survey scale for consistency.
  • Prevents surveys being cancelled due to lack of response.
  • Complete survey data can be used to make important business decisions in real time.

The solution has been architected in a modular fashion, and can be tailored to any industry and customer context by utilising ServiceNow Now Platform Flows and Notification engine. TMLabs are able to assist with implementation of Feedback Intelligence with any customer globally.


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² 2019 

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Feedback Intelligence banner

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