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TMLabs Releases World First Third Party Access Application for ServiceNow

As organisations look to transform the level of service and interaction with their customers/citizens, more and more are utilising ServiceNow to not only manage work flowing through the ‘middle office’ and ‘back office’, but also the most important layer which is the ‘front office’ or the engagement layer. ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) product is designed to transform the customer experience for B2C and B2B interactions, but like many online services the registration and authentication process can be improved:

  • Remembering passwords for different ServiceNow based websites.
  • Filling in registration forms.
  • Waiting on internal access approvals as a B2B customer.

TMlabs now take the power of the ServiceNow platform even further by introducing the Third Party Access application for ServiceNow. Available now as a free download from the ServiceNow Store. A solution tailormade for use with ServiceNow CSM to provide a secure, seamless authentication experience. By utilising trusted identity providers such as Google Suite and O365 for B2B contexts, and adding Facebook for B2C contexts, TMLabs empowers organisations to: streamline registration, identification, and authorisation processes; increase account creation rates and customer engagement; and reduce friction during high value transactions. For customers/citizens, by not having to remember yet another login, and reducing the number of steps to access services, a new level of user experience is created and brings ServiceNow CSM in line with many similar offerings.

Tobias Schwartz, TMLabs co-founder and Principal Architect, had this to say about this latest innovation: “TMLabs develop targeted accelerators for certain industries and domains including Customer Service Management. Organisations running ServiceNow CSM need to drive adoption of their external users (consumers or customers). ‘Third party access’ removes the friction of external user authentication and login without compromising security. Therefore improving the user experience and ultimately contributing to overall customer satisfaction.”

The solution has been architected in a modular fashion, and can be tailored to any industry and customer context by utilising ServiceNow Now Platform Flows and Notification engine. TMLabs are able to assist with implementation of Third Party Access with any customer globally.

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