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Major Australian construction company CPB Contractors saves 10,000 hours annually by leveraging ServiceNow® orchestration

Over the course of four weeks, CPB Contractors implemented significant improvements to their ServiceNow® IT service management platform, resulting in a drastic cut in service delivery times and a minimisation of human error related risk.

The company, which operates a hybrid Active Directory and Azure AD/Office 365 environment, was experiencing issues with the fulfillment of user access provisioning. Employees, contractors and suppliers experienced delivery times as long as 5 days due to several manual steps involved in the process. Each year 5000 user creation requests would flood in, as well as 4000 account terminations and 3000 account expiration incidents.

“At CPB Contractors, we employ highly skilled expert resources on our construction projects. Having them without system access for up to 5 days was unacceptable.” Gabor Varga – Head of ICT Delivery and Operations at CPB Contractors

The biggest improvement opportunity identified was for the full automation of user creation, user termination and user account expiry updates. The goal was to massively reduce the time required in fulfilling user requests.

“We operate a domain separated ServiceNow environment with numerous integration touchpoints, “ Varga says. “It was important for us to select the right ServiceNow implementation partner capable of delivering the project according to best practices and at rapid pace.”

The implementation, leveraging ServiceNow’s AD Orchestration, was completed within a short time span, resulting in four main outcomes:

1. Through the automated workflow, the SLA to fulfil the user creation request within 5 days was shortened to a mere 30 minutes.

2. Due to 0-touch automation for the user creation, the risk of human error has been eliminated.

3. Automation via ServiceNow has the potential to improve many other functions beyond account management processes, such as user relocation, user application access, or user group memberships.

4. A total cut of 10,000 hours of manual work freed up annually. Resources previously used to perform user provisioning can now focus on higher value tasks such as ServiceNow monitoring, administration and master data validation.

“Our ServiceNow implementation partner TMLabs did a tremendous job in bringing our vision to life in less than one month. The results have been spectacular, leading to a 99% reduction in AD user provisioning fulfilment time” Varga concludes.

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