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ANNOUNCEMENT: TMLabs develops first ServiceNow integration framework for Australia Post Digital iD™

ServiceNow customers have a range of business needs that could be addressed by a robust digital identity solution:

  • Being sure that an entity being transacted with is legitimate
  • Having visibility and/or control over how personal information is used
  • Verifying the identity of an individual transacting an entity
  • Providing the right service to the right person
  • Traditional identity verification is often manual, prone to long lead times, and risks privacy breaches

Australia Post DigitaliD helps make identity verification simple and secure for everyone, online and in person.

Integrating your Now Platform application with Australia Post Digital ID will ensure your organisation does not become a statistic in the rapidly evolving world of identity verification where 35% of all fraud crimes are related to customer fraud, financial losses due to identity fraud have increased 15% in the last year, and businesses have been fined a total of $8.14 billion dollars for AML breaches.

Key features include:

  • Simplified Secure Integration Framework: With one of Australia’s most reliable digital ID verification services.
  • Improve Conversion: Make it easy for your B2C customers to prove who they are with a seamless customer experience, and the option to verify using the the Australia Post Digital iD™ mobile app.
  • Enhanced Security: Help to avoid data breaches using Digital iD™’s advanced encryption technology to manage sensitive personal information.
  • Trusted Reputation: Leverage Australia Post’s brand trusted for conducting identity services.

Contact Roneel Datt, Simeon Tow, or Amanda Yeates today to find out how this integration framework can accelerate time to value for your business.

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